Tasty Road: Seoul | 치맥 at EXO Chanyeol’s Dad’s Cafe 좋은세상만들기

Before I start, I’ll have a little Learn Korean category part here hahaha.

치맥 | Is actually 치킨맥주

치킨 | Chicken
맥주 | Beer

Koreans are so crazy with this combo that they’ve already made a slang out of it.

좋은세상만들기 | Make a good world

좋은좋다 is the verb form of good
좋은 is the adjective form

세상 | World

Remember the expression: 세상에~ = What in the world~ or sometimes it’s also used like “Oh           my God”

만들다 | to make

| is actually a particle to turn a verb into a noun

Okay enough with the Korean Lessons already hahaha.



I got the directions to the cafe from candy-sky.com. I got there around 9 PM and the alley was pretty dark so I got a little scared. There weren’t a lot of people in the area compared to Hongdae so I was really scared. Good thing the map guide from candy-sky was pretty accurate so I was able to locate the cafe right away.



When I entered the cafe, there were already 2 high school students performing. They’re really good. I’m not sure if this is an open mic type of cafe. I was immediately accommodated by an Ahjushi. I saw some resemblance between him and Chanyeol so I thought they’re relatives, and then I heard someone calling him Sajangnim and I was like OMG he must be Chanyeol’s Dad. Father-in-law is quite good looking considering his age hahaha.

While waiting for my order to arrive I took some photos inside the cafe. Just be careful though not to take pictures of the people inside the cafe. I took a photo of the cafe and this Korean guy thought I was actually taking a picture of him so he said no pictures please. I heard him saying that why are 위국사람들 always taking pictures of him. And the girl beside him said no they’re not taking pictures of you. Like eewww I’m not taking a picture of you. I was taking a picture of the cafe and you’re just in the way. I’ve just deleted the picture with him in it.



Anyways, the cafe is like a mini museum of Chanyeol’s obsessions. There are old musical instruments, Rilakkuma, One Piece, and there are ski gears and equipments. There are also signatures from the exo members with their individual symbols. I know they’re not using it anymore so it was kind of nostalgic with all the craziness during their debut.



Chanyeol’s first guitar








I ordered fried chicken and Cass beer. I really like Cass it was kind of sweet for me compared to other beers I’ve tasted. It was actually perfect for the chicken because it was a little spicy so it kind of balanced the taste.





I think one order of chicken is good for 2 people. I wasn’t able to finish it so I asked father-in-law to wrap it for me. After paying my meal I immediately asked him if he’s really Chanyeol’s Dad and he said yes OMG!!! I want to take a picture with him but he said no T.T.

The food wasn’t so good but there’s music and there’s father-in-law so I’m still happy.

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  1. Hey Vonne, so glad that the map was helpful in finding Chanyeol’s Dad’s Cafe! ^^ Happy you got to go and try out their food!

    1. Hi Mish!! I can’t thank you enough for that map 😊 hopefully next time Viva Polo naman I really hope makabalik ako but there’s GD’s concert so I need to prioritize 😱

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